Sunday, July 14

Beginner’s Guide to Cycling Accessories

Accessories for beginner cyclists are specially developed to help those who want to venture out on the pedals safely. After all, nowadays, it is possible to find numerous options of accessories for different types of needs besides safety.

But, because there are so many options out there, people who are beginning to perform this practice end up with some doubts about which accessories are essential and which are dispensable.

This is because, to start with, it is not necessary to use all the equipment that professional cyclists use in competitions and off-road practices. They haveprepared this practical guide to help you understand which items are essential, besides the bike, to take your first step, or rather, your first pedal stroke. Let’s go!

Essential accessories for beginner cyclists

Whether your goal is to create healthy habits or even try out a new sport, accessories for beginning cyclists are essential to ensure that your experiences are even better.

When you are on the bike, your body has no external protection, so it is very important to use items that ensure your physical integrity under the sun or rain. Learn more about each one of them:


We start this list with perhaps the most important item: the helmet. This accessory is considered, in many countries, a mandatory item, and this should be the case everywhere! This is because a cyclist’s helmet prevents serious consequences in case of a fall or collision, as well as protecting the cyclist’s head from the strong rays of the sun and also from rain.

Nowadays you can find many options of cycling helmets with models that fit over the head and even have safety straps to ensure the best fit. To make you feel comfortable, the best models are manufactured with technology that helps perspiration, leaving the head always ventilated.


Gloves and comfort go together, as these accessories are manufactured with the highest quality fabrics to promote all the necessary well-being while you are on your bike.

However, they promote much more than comfort, as these items are also indispensable in case of falls, since in these situations some of the first parts of the body that we put on the ground are the hands. So, if you are going to start adventuring on a bicycle, make sure you have your own, okay?


Good lighting is fundamental for all types of cyclists, from beginners to professionals, because, regardless of where you’re going to ride, you need to see your way clearly and also make sure that other vehicles can see you.

Some of them have a structure made of silicone, and can be installed anywhere on your bicycle, whether on the stem, the frame, or the helmet. In addition, it is possible to find headlights with different types of focus and charging, so when it comes time to choose the lighting, check the product description for all its specifics.

Finally, here is a tip for adventures on roads without light: nowadays you can find front and rear lights made with LEDs, which are extremely efficient and have rechargeable batteries.

Holder and bottle

When cycling, you lose a lot of liquid, so it is very important to ensure hydration. To help you carry your water bottle, today there are several models of supports made of metal, plastic and even carbon.

Also known as a carboy holder, this accessory helps you carry your bottle safely even on the most difficult routes. The little bottles, on the other hand, also come in universal sizes, and once fitted into the holder, they no longer fall off your bike.

Extra Accessories for Beginner Cyclists

So far you have already found out all the basic accessories for beginner cyclists, but as Bike Runners is always keen to give you simple, practical and complete tips for this activity, we have created another list with extra accessories that will help you in your adventures. They are not among those indispensable, but they can make all the difference in comfort and safety when riding. Check them out:

Waterproof jacket

The waterproof jacket is one of the accessories for cyclists that most protects them against external factors, because, besides giving an upgrade in your cycling, they are produced with technology to protect you even in low temperatures.

In addition to all its benefits, some of the models still serve as windbreaks, preventing the wind from colliding directly with your skin, causing damage.


For riding around town, a backpack with reduced size and compression keeps the contents always stable. For longer rides, on the other hand, the best way is to let the bike carry the load. In other words, a rear rack will ensure a greater capacity to carry other items such as food, clothes, among others.

Cycling clothing

Professional cycling clothes may look different than what you are used to, however, know that they are very comfortable, especially for longer rides.

Being produced with strong and breathable materials, you can have much more comfort to perform activities under extreme temperatures without being bothered by the attire. Along with clothing, we have one more clothing tip: cycling shoes.

Widely used by professional cyclists, these items have rigid soles so that your feet are not flexed on the pedals, bringing that uncomfortable feeling. There are still sneakers with regular soles, but most have threads so you can attach the cleats to the pedals.


Finally, goggles are optional accessories for beginner cyclists, but because of their greater coverage compared to the traditional models we use on a daily basis, they end up conquering more and more fans.

These accessories are great, mainly, for rides during the day, avoiding that the reflection of the light directly hits your eyes, besides avoiding that small insects or dirt from the road bother you during your ride.